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Thank you for giving us this opportunity to use your fantastic product. You have given me a gift of time with the ease of use, and ease of assessing students.
I would not have survived teaching this year without formative - I also feel like I keep finding new features, which is awesome!
I’ve been using Formative for several years, being able to see my remote students working in real time was a lifesaver!
I love watching Formative come out with new features every month, and I am excited to see what is next.
The options to embed websites, images, videos, and even a calculator are a total game changer.
I learned that Formative is way more than an assessment tool, but rather a way to engage students in an every day lesson.
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Meredith W. - Spanish I & II Teacher
Madison M. - Elementary School Teacher
Susan D. - Curriculum Specialist
Jamey Johnson
Huntsville Independent School District
Formative has really helped create consistency!
Lindsay Thompson
Thomas County Schools
Formative has been a great tool for us to use in our schools!
Jenn Mann
Beaverton School District
Formative just makes it so easy and efficient for teachers to give meaningful feedback.

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