New Functions, UI Improvements, Enhancements, and More!

April 29, 2022

The Good Stuff

Whether you're filtering the dashboard, using Common Assessments, or pausing untimed formatives, these updates will help you stay on top of everything! Let what matters most take center stage: your students' learning.

Student Filtering Options

Students will be able to filter their dashboard according to Formative statuses of Open, Closed, or Submitted.

Common Assessment Tag

When partner members share any formative with their team, school, or district, they can use the new Common-Assessment tag located in the footer of the Share modal. Common Assessments cannot be edited or changed in order to ensure that every student sees the same version.

Pausing Untimed Formatives

In order to better explain key pieces of information as students are working, educators can now pause and resume untimed formatives.

Drag and Drop 2.0

When adding a Drag-and-Drop question, teachers will now be able to choose text or an image as their drop area, and students can answer by dragging text or images.

UI Improvements

The Add-Item modal will be reskinned to a cleaner aesthetic that drops the red-and-blue palette in favor of a modern, monochromatic color scheme. This look also applies to the image, video, math, edit-team, and avatar modals.

Students will see several UI improvements to the Student dashboard, including the following:

  • Repositioned score text
  • Recolored CLOSED button - we changed it from blue to red
  • Changed text from  "Multiple submission allowed" to "Editable"
  • Used ellipses for title-text overflow
  • Changed search-bar text from "Search titles" to "Search my formatives"


  • Users will now see the option to add a new standard set if they have selected a library item tagged with a standard that is not included in the user's stored standard sets. After the question is added, users will see a modal asking whether to Add or Dismiss the standard.
  • Teachers will now be able to easily see which section they are editing because Section headers will stick to the top of the screen as members scroll along.
  • The teachers' Tracker, admins' Teams Tracker, and View Responses now have a top bar with filter and sort options.
  • The export modal includes the option to choose between student responses and standard scores.
  • Teachers using a shared formative with "Assign-Only" permissions will no longer see edit controls since the formative is not editable in that permission status.
  • The Teachers Report tab will no longer have the "Standards" and "Assessment Type" filters in order to minimize confusion.
  • We added Typography Styles: you can now create universal styles and allow removal of fonts from individual components.
  • Teacher library filters will now default to the preferred language of the teacher as set in the member’s account.

Viewing Onboarding Awards

Members that complete the onboarding milestones can now view their awards in the Achievements tab.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

  • 3/23/22: Resolved - Fixed add-item buttons in the four-button layout by giving them a consistent height whether or not they are active.